Algorithmic systems are changing all aspects of modern lives. This creates great opportunities and challenges which are amplified by the complexity of the topic and the relative lack of accessible research on the use and impact of algorithmic decision-making. This report presents the draft synthesis of the State-of-the-Art in the field of algorithmic decision-making, focusing primarily on the online environment. Presented in the report are:

  • the scope of the study,
  • our definition of algorithmic decision-making and related concepts,
  • insight into the academic debates on the topic,
  • illustration of actions being undertaken by civil society and industry, and
  • existing policy responses adopted by several EU and third countries.

In line with the algoaware design-led methodology, this version of the State-of-the-Art report should be considered the prototype. The information presented here will be tested, challenged and supplemented through a two-part peer-review process:

  • Open crowd-sourcing of feedback from any and all interested parties. We would love for you to review the report and share your thoughts directly through the below MetaPDF link. Alternatively, send us an email at or leave comments below
  • Targeted peer-review consultation with experts in the field of algorithmic decision-making through interviews and workshops.

We would like to encourage you to view and download the full State of the Art report or read the executive summary for an overview of the report; challenge our findings, provide us with additional information you might feel is missing and more generally engage with the study.

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